A U R A|The Mixtape

by Clara Kent

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Clara Kent | Fan Account This was a small glimpse into my meditation state 3 years ago, a series of thoughts and fears turned truths. I’m grateful it has touched so many, and hope to continue healing myself while healing others for the rest of my life. Favorite track: Huemanity ft Pharaoh Lum.
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SplatterBrained This album is beyond relatable in many senses of the word and there’s a lot of feeling and emotion in this too.
Jackson Fernandez
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Jackson Fernandez Aura exudes the peaceful spirit of Clara Kent - smooth, harmonious, and cool.
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chaneezy This song embodies everything I've been feeling! Clara's writing, production, and soulful voice puts you in a peaceful trance. SHE'S GONNA GO FAR <3 Favorite track: Souled.
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Ah ah ah ahhhhh oooo 4x No place in the world, better then my conscience All I need to know, flowing through my chakras 2x ah ah ah ahhhhh oooo 4x I strive to make space (by faith) I felt the gap shrink, by force Now I have to rebuild, (reclaim), my safe space...
oooo oooo ohhhh vrs1. How dare you! Miss me with the excuse. I'm Light Eye See the Truth, It's so clear. Just know, got something coming to you. I'm aiming right for you, better steer clear. In my mind's eye, ya'll some liars, no lie I'm not playin', try if you want to... Bring out ya mama, ya auntie, ya cousin's Ain't no game, I'll fuck them up too hook. Bring that ass outside Won't you bring ass outside Ya done crossed the line, I ain't fuckin' round Thought you were friends, never thought you played foul so.. Bring that ass outside And don't try to hide... bridge. Bring out your mama, ya auntie, ya cousin... 4x Ain't no game! hook. vrs2. ft Bilal Abbey I'm giving out head shots like I'm Deadshot Catch me in the corner store like I'm Redbox I don't want no sorry, don't try to call me Talking bout my bad, I didn't know that was your bag Yes I got Kent with me and she got a bat with her better keep your girl in check because she might hit her Split her like Dutchy Nigga fuck peace Talking about that war, we done brought to your door (Aww Shit) Usually I don't condone, going up against your dome But your in the fucking wrong, homie what the fuck you on? Niggas be widling and tripping When I go to the foul no missing When I get foul it's different Becuase when I get foul somebody gonna come up missing And I don't, wanna, take it that far Nigga I'm just tryna cruz in my car But here you go on my samsung tryna start Im'a have to put my shit in park Where you at? skit. Where are you? I kept lookin' outside for it... The enemy of my life. These expectations, what for?... Because I'm sold in it? I allowed myself to be Souled? I don't even know how this happened... I forgot, when I put a leash, on my potential. I've been Souled? Damn.
Souled 03:54
vrs1. I can't pretend that, I was in love I won't defend that, I ever was No, matter what, you weren't the one And nothing, can mend what ever wasn't Whatever doesn't, mean a thing If you ain't hear'n me And we aint even a thing its no thing its nothing aint no room for me, but what room would be for me if there's no thing, there's nothing hook. I sold myself short, punishment for being low I sold myself short, punishment for being low I sold myself short, I sold myself but I don't want to I souled myself... bridge. Hmm, I think a nigga need some help Look at me, I'm a mess, full of stress All because I forget the test life gives, if failed, don't make me less (It took a lesson) I took some hard times, took nights, took tears from my eyes Took so much from me, that i gained more hook. bridge. vrs2. (but I...) I souled myself to the docks, that harbors all of my thoughts put my mind in a box, and tied it down to the rocks the water loosened the ties, out my mind just in time I sunk deeper inside, the darkness led to the light skit. deep hues... deep sapphire... moonlight...a blue moon... i'm speaking my truth...the water... rises...will I swim?...will I sink?... will the moving water show me (show me), how to reflect again?... the light within?
ya know 3x but you don't know... hook. In so deep, comfort me, silence all around hue navy, blue moon dream, sailing lost and found so it seems, history's repeated I can't, believe it If I could, I'd breathe in the water I'd breathe in the water If I could, I'd breathe in... Water If I could, I'd breathe in... vrs1. Ain't no question if I'm deep You could never see through me Test this patience, be waiting Depth is infinite in me Don't take too long to acknowledge and see that the gold's in my eyes I make the blue in the sky Reflect the vision of light hook. skit. OK! It's time Now I'm rising (rise) (High) I rise above the water And now I'm basking in the light and I see myself... Not just in reflection But in the power That I forgot Still I... (ft Bilal Abbey) I was still giving myself rules I was still watching myself lose I was still, Running from the truth I was healed when I let my heart chose Ambition hit my heart just like a harpoon Now life is like a anime cartoon Power rising high!
Rise 02:36
intro. Rise, High Rise, This time vrs1. Your apology means nothing I can go everyday without your promises What's the point in living obligated Only to bow to convictions expectations hook. How can I rise if I keep up this lie 3x On lies, this time... vrs2. (No lies) A nigga like me ain't trippin Ain't worried bout you or the next one Nothing gonna change that I'm that one That you can never ever question It aint really bout the destination We all came here for the lessons If not why you question your existence? Why you even wonder what's the reasons? Every year my year, fuck a season Ain't no limit to my blessings All I need is a blunt or two (three) Summer breeze and a stereo Mango lemonade with no, ice Oh what wonderful, life It's the simple things we forgot That's all you need to just RISE.
Clarity 03:16
vrs1. I never just listen I'm stuck and I'm missing, all of the lessons I'm given I must be trippin', focus my intentions And my people tell me chill out They tell relax, you're pushin yourself to fast I got this fire in my soul telling me get shit done can't wait for no one I don't even wait for myself When you carrying baggage, moving helps As soon as I stop to take a moment, then the wait is felt As soon as I stop to take a moment, then the weight is felt Maybe if I would be honest, I would free myself Maybe if I allow love in, I would see myself As soon as I stop to take a moment... hook. Simply put My Dear Just be clear And have no fear Be Here 2x vrs2. Had to let the pain go (I had to let it go, it's not so easy) To gain myself control (I wanna gain control, I'm losing reason) Took some time now I know (I need patience baby, just like the seasons) Spring comes after the Fall... hook.
intro. ck: let's have a cypher live: BOYZ zaneta: aye oh benji: freestyle* live: freestyle* vrs1. Only conscious Gods in my cypher Reciprocate the energy, the consciousness gets higher (4x) Peace god! On these streets god Them evil monsters, will try to sink they teeth god You gotta be able to duck and weave god And if can, throw that left, roll up ya sleeves god You gotta hustle hard to get this money (Word Up) Don't let this money be the king of your mind And any nigga tryna lead you to the money (Word Up) Is also, chasing the dreams they harbor inside How you align with that? Is you down for that? You better be sure Mistakes come in groups, you make one You gonna make more End up with more red dots on your shirt then a draw in Connect Four Oh Lawd! hook. Oh lawd, oh lawd, oh lawd, oh lawd, oh la-a-awd. Seems like my inner me Is my enenmy 2x vrs1. Peace Queen, let it be Queen Don't let that shade cover up your light You can manifest dreams, into 3D Reality is in your mind And don't you forget that Your power's right here Keep that crown 'bov your 3rd eye Just do your best babe I know the stress crazy Take it one step at time All of these things I tell myself Sometimes it seems to help I wish it was more then less To organize my mental mess Maybe I just be to attached, dwelling on the past Take the lessons, leave the rest Hard to do, easier said hook. (2x) aura skit. Who am I to You? Perception is your rules Don't you be a fool! Take off ya cool. 2x No place in the world, better then my conscience All I need to know, flowing through my chakras 2x
Tupac Intreview Intro. vrs1. I bench-press that weight Just like my names sake Bow ya head say grace I'm a full entree So much on my plate I chef everyday These bitches they hate Send them on they way (Peace) What I'm tryna say is I endured too much pain I use it for strength Not sure how much more I can take I'm misunderstood My intentions are good So many mistakes Maybe I'm insane hook. I can't lose my cool I won't lie to you, I'm petrified Can't deny the truth It will weigh on you don't try to hide vrs2. Society's sticks, Family's stones Perceptions placed on me fractured some bones Ya word it don't mean shit that much I know Quantity or Quality is all ya know huemanity is currency Where's the soul? and what's the goal? Remind myself to stay secure Cause in this world you lose sight you lose it all So many times I'd stand up, only to fall So many times I'd stand tall, only to fall Times I wish I'd never wake up at all The pressures on me so much I can barely crawl I recognize my strength aint for everyone And if I'm gonna survive this life I can't deny it (yeah yeah) It will weigh on you, don't try to hide (ooo) Hide (ooo) Hide...don't try to hide vrs3. ft Pharaoh Lum How i am and how they view me, dawg that's 2 different things Used to be a puppet, now I know who's pulling the strings Got a glimpse of the scheme Know they want me to fail Lower our self esteem While they raising our bail That's huemanity, took my mind So I found some new sanity This shit was all by design, I had to make some new plans for me escaping mental cages, the arrangements wasn't fitting me Petrified of losing my soul in pits of misery Ao I found that light and then I held on tight We soared until we reached the perfect height And then we vibed and just enjoyed the ride I had to find that G in me Yeah that's that light inside (It's Lum) hook.
vrs1. Making moves like chess I'm feeling blessed Last year was so reckless, So many checks I tried to repress it but kept on stressin Triggerin' my depression I chief to rest I just wish you were here Mam I'm a make it Put myself through a rise like you predicted No I just can't deny the pressing messgae That what's mine is mine, ya girl is destined I can see all the light within my stride and Feeling myself align the more I dive in Been waiting all this time And finally it's arrived I know I can do the ride Just call me Posidien I'm still tryna make it through some things Need time alone to clear my head Maybe I should go home and go to bed Naw i can't take no more, I'm on my way hook. Benji Tell the world I'm on the way Tell the whole world I'm on the motherfuckin way I aint here to play no games now yeah I just need my space oooo 4x vrs2. ft Benji Ohhh They walking, they see my feet We worshipin to this beat I'm jamming inside my head Lord knows I should be sleep I see my pain on the wall Don't it rain in the fall? I'm just clearing the fog I been waiting for so long to find energy in my day Working hard like a slave Just to make a lil bit of change Bitches taking advantage When is it all gonna change Patience been running out I need to make an exchange But I need my personal space Now I understand why you don't understand me Y'all live for the 'gram, and I'm just working for a Grammy Kick it by myself, or I'm a kick it with the family Cause I'll be fucking damned if I let you fuck up my sanity God dammit I can't take it no more I can't take it no more I'm about to risk it all right now Right out on this dance floor (OOoooo) See I can't take it no more I can't take it no more I'm about to risk it all right now Right out on this dance floor (Ohhh) hook. (Clara & Benji) 2x
intro hook. I don't feel like fucking with nobody today And I know that I don't owe you a damn thing ok? (Yeah) 2x vrs1. I don't wanna talk to nobody My nigga you just yap too much Being saying nothing About something (That aint nothing) Who you think you foolin? Got all this knowledge no solutions (You're such a nuscience) You're cluelsee, Just shut the fuck up Talking politics, isms, and such (But can't even reflect) The answers are within, keep it simple and You'll begin to develop, growing God within Shit I ain't perfect, just observant But I gotta dip Cause I need some solitude for a moment yeah hook. bridge. So much on my heart My Soul bares the weight of 10 ton stone I just need some time to unfold something unsaid I hold (Take it easy) So much on my heart, my soul Bares the weight of 10 ton stone (Take it easy) I just need some time to unfold Can't bare this to no one (Gotta take it easy) vrs2. Your girl got crazy thoughts Made by all these scars on my heart Scabs and calliuouses, a warriors resolve My nigga play ya part, my position is higher from the start (It's in the cards, in alignment with the stars) No decision on whether i can or not embedded in my soul, how I sway the way I walk (Girl you a superstar) Supernova, silver surfing nebulas My twin flame, my king knows what I want He grips my hips like handle bars Lick the ... till I see stars Burst this candy, Gusher, Sweet candy Apple (Caramel to the core) So what the fuck I'm I trippin for? Something got me feeling hazy and insecure... hook I dont feel like fuckin with nobody today And I know that I don't owe you a damn thing, ok. I don't feel like... No I don't feel like (I don't feel like) I dont feel like) (I dont feel like, I dont feel like, I dont feel like...) skit.


AURA is a debut mixtape by Tribe Eternal Music Group artist Clara Kent.
This is a introduction to her experiences of love, loss, and freedom.
The album is full of edgy soul filled rhymes, and airy vocals reminiscent of the Jazz greats.
Tuned into the AURA of Clara Kent.
Produced by Yorel Tifsim, and engineered by Bilal Abbey.
Official release: 0 2 - 2 0 - 1 8, 11 full tracks.


released February 20, 2018

Executive Production by Clara Kent
Music Production by Yorel Tifsim
Creative Direction by Clara Kent
Engineered by Bilal Abbey & Yorel Tifsim
Written by Clara Kent
Featured artist: Bilal Abbey, Benji., Yorel Tifsim, and Pharaoh Lum
Co-Production by Benji.




Clara Kent Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hello! Welcome to my healing marketplace.
I’m currently on a wellness sabbatical to heal my body and to realign with creativity.

The 4 Winds series is being pushed back due to my decision to make my healing a top priority, but the preorder will remain available until I complete the sabbatical.

Thank you for your patience and loving support 💕
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